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Gallery Guidelines (MUST READ!!!!!!!)

As the title states, I have made some guidelines for this Wiki's Gallery. Follow these if you wish to refrain your ass from the Banhammer:

  • Do NOT upload crappy or unnecessary pictures. Basically, cropped screenshots and file types that aren't PNG are not permitted, unless for specific reasons.
  • Do NOT upload content unrelated or not from the game. Sen gave us permission to use in-game content, but nothing else! Not even his other official artwork!
  • This should go without saying, but no NSFW content. The Banhammer does not forgive NSFW content.
  • When I said not to upload content unrelated to the game, I meant it. Well, not in the Gallery, that is. However, there is a better way...

Imgur Tutorial!!!!!!!

Okay, if you want to embed some fanart, memes, reaction images or whatever, then I have the solution! JUST USE IMGUR!!!!! Uploading an image to Imgur is not that hard! Just drag the image you want onto the window, upload it, and copy/paste next to where it says Direct Link. If successful, it should look like this!


NOTE: This should go without saying, but Imgur shouldn't be used for Sen's artwork or NSFW content. You can still get banned for that.

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I swore I highlighted this when it was uploaded...

Thank you.

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