Miho - Previous Best friend
Maho and Miho

Maho and Miho in the rec room

Maho is a red-headed girl who is friends with Miho. Maho is never actually seen in the game, and is only mentioned in the bad ending.

Bad Ending

In the bad ending of the game, Miho tells Mr. Sohta that she and Maho had a fight. Maho had told Miho that she didn't want to be friends anymore. It is unknown after this if they ever became friends again and forgave each other.


  • If the player is able to unlock the secret Rec Room, a sprite of Maho can be seen standing next to Miho.
  • The creator of the game originally planned to make a sequel of Misao, with Maho as the protagonist. Sen said that she was "more honest than Aki".
  • Maho is the complete opposite of Miho, being described as a vigorous girl while Miho is a feeble girl. But the two are said to get along like twins.
    • Both Miho and Maho's hair color are also complementary colors. (Basically 2 colors that are both on opposite sides of the color wheel)

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